Riverside Business Park - Bakewell, Derbyshire

Riverside Business Park was purchased by Litton in 2001. The site is a major 225,000 sq. ft. Industrial Estate.

Litton has worked diligently to re-brand and asset manage Riverside Business Park. The hard work has paid off with the rent roll having seen a considerable improvement. This is largely due to a significant refurbishment programme, and bringing a number of buildings back into economic use.

The Business Park has a wide and varied mix of tenants ranging from large companies such as TREK, Carrs Billington, Chatsworth, Thornbridge Brewery and The Bakewell Bakery through to small independent traders including Wetroom Innovations, Fitism Gym, digitial designers, accountants, artisan bakers and joiners.

Lumford Mill was built by Sir Richard Arkwright in 1777 and although it was destroyed by fire in the mid 1800s, the mill creating the prosperity on which Bakewell was built, continues to this day to be the largest single employment site in the Peak District.

Litton offer fishing along the River Wye at Riverside Business Park. Memberships or Day passes are available all year round.

Trout Day Tickets: £45.00pp (1st April to 14th March)

Grayling Day Tickets £35.00pp (8th October to 13th March)

Tickets can be purchased from the Reception Office, Mon to Fri between 9am-5pm

Contact Details

E: millie.rodgers@littonproperties.co.uk

Tel: 01629 810820